Luxury living that expands your happiness

Perfect choice for the future appreciation

SMART CITY is a unique living community project in Nallapadu in 20 Acres land with 320 independent houses with comfort spectrum encompassing the dimensions of luxurious living, business conveniences, leisure and recreation. we have designed to give you maximum satisfaction. We offer you the finest quality of construction where you can live your life to the fullest by less commuting and grandeur lifestyle supported by world class amenities. The vast expanse of greenery, enchanting gardens and the aroma of flowers ensure that you get refreshed and renewed after work. Get into the groove of social networking and chat with like-minded neighbours, relax with a swim, sports and celebrate the special moments in your life. So here, you make the most of what’s around you.

The outdoor lifestyle facilities are the highpoint at DNDL SMART CITY for an endlessly satisfying experience. The sporty Club house enable a refreshing experience for the entire family. The integrated Health Club, Yoga & Meditation hall extend an invitation to maintain health and vitality while enhancing the wellness factor. Similarly all other activities have been thoughtfully planned to make your leisure time truly happening.